LHCb Warsaw Group



Varvara Batozskaya

(a member of beauty group)

Hoża  HP R. 6             tel: 22 55 31 844

E-Mail:  varvara.batozskaya at


Ph.D. student at the NCBJ. The main work in the LHCb is the study of CP violation in B0s->Jpsi(e+e-)Phi decays. Also performing the study of the tracker station movements in the magnetic fields. The liaison between B2CC physics group and Calorimeter Objects Tools Group. Participates in Data Manager shifts and Calo piquet shifts.




Henryk Giemza

CIŚ building 88  R. 10        tel: 22 273 16 88


System administrator at Świerk Computing Centre (CIŚ). Responsible for T2-D grid site, computing cluster, NAS storage and virtualization software. In free time develops software that integrate perfSONAR network metrics with LHCb DIRAC.


Konrad Klimaszewski

Konrad Klimaszewski

Hoża HP R. 110     tel: 22 273 16 85    


One of the interesting subjects studied in the LHCb experiment is the difference between properties of matter and antimatter for the strange beauty Bs mesons. The size of this difference is controlled by the parameter φs, which is predicted to be small in the Standard Model (SM). However, contributions of new particles not described by the SM can increase the measured value to be much larger, which makes measuring  φs so exciting. My main scientific interest in the LHCb are searches for phenomena beyond the SM, in particular measurement of the phase φs, in B0s→J/Ψφ decays. Other fields of interest: High Performance Computing especially in context of Cloud Computing and Machine Learning.



Wojciech Krzemień   

Hoża HP R. 6     tel: 22 55 31 844     



Post-doc in the frame of FUGA research grant by the  Polish National Centre of Science (NCN). My research interests focus on  experimental testing of discrete symmetries in mesons systems, together with the search for a new kind of matter – mesic-nuclei, medical imaging, and as a by-product: programming, security, image reconstruction, statistics and more. As a LHCb member I search for the CPT symmetry violation in the neutral flavour mesons systems. I am also involved in the development of the scalable Pilot Logger system based on the Message Queue architecture as a part of the DIRAC interware (






Dmytro Melnychuk

Hoża HP R. 25f     tel: 22 55 32138  



I am searching for exotic hadrons in the LHCb experiment. Hadron spectroscopy revived as a research subject after discovery of the family of X,Y,Z hadrons. Although most of the observed hadrons can be classified as the ordinary mesons and baryons, there have been significant theoretical and experimental efforts to search for the candidates of the exotic hadrons. Depite that the LHCb detector was built to study the CP violation and search for rare decay in charm and beauty sector, it was successfully demonstrated that the detector allows to study exotic hadrons produced in heavy flavour decays.




Artur Ukleja

Hoża HP R. 6    tel: 22 55 31 844   

E-Mail: artur.ukleja at





Wojciech Wiślicki

Hoża  HP R. 14    tel: 22 55 32 378  






HP: Pavilion National Centre for Nuclear Research (NCBJ) at Hoża 69 in Warsaw

CIŚ: Computing Centre Świerk

Group secretatiat Institution BP3 NCBJ      tel/fax: +48 22 621 28 04