The alignment of detectors in the LHCb experiment is based on the reconstruction of tracks and is used for both the detector’s stability checks and their precise positioning. LHCb has introduced for LHC Run 2 a novel real-time detector alignment and calibration strategy. Data collected at the start of the fill will be processed in a few minutes and used to update the alignment, while the calibration constants will be evaluated for each run. This automatic procedure will improve the quality of the online calibration constants and offers an opportunity to optimise the event selection in the trigger by applying stronger constraints. However verification of the automatic procedure by physicists will be crucial for the quality of obtained physical results.

Our group is involved in the studies of the effect magnet polarity on the alignment of the tracking stations. The details concerning the automatic alignment procedure of vertex detector, tracking and RICH stations for Run II are shown in LHCP2015 conference poster.